Monday, September 14, 2015


HOLY MOLY! Its almost that time again...Crafty Bastards is popping up its giant tents full of makers and handmade treasures in Washington DC outside Union Market Sept. 26th and 27th!

I am thrilled to be back again at Crafty Bastards this year! I'm working my little fingers as fast as I possibly can to make a ton of huggable goodness for you all!  I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday, so bee-line it straight to the Cotton Monsters at Booth #68!!

Tickets are available at a discount before the event, so get yours now!
AND GET a special $6 Weekend Pass with code VENDOR2015

Some Cotton Monsters in the works for Crafty Bastards!! 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

So Long Summer!

 proof that I cannot keep a tidy workspace, no matter how beautiful the studio! 
(photo from the incredible treyummy)

What a whirlwind summer! 
I was out of the studio for much of it...taught a month long Fiber class to a group of extremely talented high school students, while also doing arts and crafts at a city summer camp. Spent some quality time with my family and then I got to travel north to the beautiful coast of Maine where I spent two unforgettable weeks at Haystack School of Crafts.

My brain was stretched in new directions, learning about flat-pattern garment drafting from the amazing Libby O'Bryan. I was working amongst incredible people, eating delicious food, scrubbing pots and pans with an awesome kitchen crew, gazing at stars, dipping in the icy ocean and basically being inspired 24/7!! What a wonderful way to press the reset button on life! I hope I am lucky enough to get to return one day...Now back to the cotton monster studio, feeling refreshed, but missing my studio mates and my forest island view!

me in my lil' uniform I patterned from scratch
muslin draft of my dress hanging out in the woods

whipped out a doll one night to give my brain a rest from rulers! 
a forested island!