Friday, August 15, 2014

Around the house: Recycled Limb Planters

 The past few years my mom and I have been tackling her attic, making space and donating things that were stuffed up there long ago, because, let's face it...letting go is hard, and you never know when you might need this or that. A lot of times, for better or worse, I end up with a trunk full of things to take home with me. A while back we uncovered some big zip-lock bags of my old barbies. Most had their hair cut off.  Some were missing heads.  On a mission to liberate their better parts from those weird alien torsos and permanently made-up faces (those that still had them), i dutifully did what seemed obvious and went about dismembering them further, ripping off legs and arms, averting my eyes and cutting them off with big wire cutters when necessary. 

I shoved those limbs into the dirt of planters and pots with succulents, cacti, aloe or whatever other spidery plants I already had around, they instantly gained a whole new personality (granted, the legs make for a bit more scandalous display)...
I love them.

Make your own:
1. Find your childhood Barbies or take some from a kid 
(and buy that kid a Cotton Monster to replace them)
2. Rip off the legs and arms (or carefully cut off with big wire cutters)
3. Stick 'em in your plants
4. Smile every time you see them

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Pocket Mouthed Monsters!

A new batch of medium sized monsters are now in the shop
These dudes are smaller then the "big" variety but with the same awesome 
pocket mouths for hiding little treasures. There's plenty to love about this squeezable crew!
See a video of a medium monster in action (devouring some action figures!)  HERE!