Monday, January 28, 2013

Just updated the shop with a ton of brand new items! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lots of new monsters in all shapes and sizes and a bunch of sleepy kitties 
will be added to the Etsy Shop tomorrow, Monday January 28th! 
So please check back soon!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year

Wowza! It only took me 17 days into the new year to get back on to the blog and FB! The holidays were pleasant and laid back, much time was spent by the woodstove or hanging out at my mom's kitchen table.  I managed to make most of my christmas presents this year, including the Sleepy Kitty Sister set above for Jay's nieces (thinking of making/selling pairs like these in the shop, what do you think?) and the fleece Batman get up for my super-hero loving nephew!  

Like most of us, I over indulged a bit at the year's end, and after an inspiring trip to visit an old pal in the beautiful and crisp Shenandoah Mountains, decided to do give myself a present and do a detox week...cutting out sugar, alcohol, dairy, grains etc. and instead eating and juicing as many fresh fruits and veggies as I could. It felt amazing, and was a perfect way to re-boot my body...I haven't had to take a nap yet this year! I've been a vegetarian for 17+ years, aim to stay away from processed food (and now save bread and pasta only for special occasions), but i rarely spend money on such a beautiful array of organic goodies all at once, so it was a real treat!

I spent the past couple of weeks doing some long-overdue bookkeeping, cleaning, reorganizing, and have started working on a brand new website with Jay (which is not nearly done yet!). Im currently sewing up a storm (or as fast as i can while wearing my carpal-tunnel wrist brace) in the hopes of getting a ton of brand new beasts up in the shop late next week! 

In the meantime there are a few stragglers left from last year in the shop...So from 
NOW thru Monday (1/21/13) please take 10% off the entire Cotton Monster Etsy Shop with the coupon code "JANUARY10"

Enjoy & more Cotton Monster news and photos next week!