Tuesday, November 13, 2012

THANK YOU DC & FOE gallery show!

This photo is from Flickr by joelogon

THANK YOU DC for coming out in droves to Crafty Bastards on Saturday! It was a fantastic day to be a vendor, beautiful weather and soooooo many monster adoptions! I was blown away by the massive attendance and all the kind words of loving fans..both those that have been supportive since the beginning and those that just discovered the world of Cotton Monsters! See more photos of my booth before the masses attacked HERE! A huge thank you also to the Crafty Bastards staff for making the show happen, what a feat! I'm working right now on snapping photos of what I have left after the fair and getting them up into the Etsy Shop as fast as I can! Check back soon for more...

Attention Northamptoners! 

Bad A** II: Fabric Arts Group Show

Foe Store & Gallery * 28 Pleasant Street * Northampton, MA 01060
November 9-December 9

The above Cotton Monster squad will be on display (and for sale) at FOE for the month, along with a bunch of other fiber work! More Info HERE! 


Stefany said...

they are really sweet

Bruce the DIY man said...

This is really cute. You are doing a great job with the cotton monsters, great idea and awesome talent. My kids love toys , any kind of it and I am sure these would be great variation from the norm. A little scary but lots of fun.