Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Johns Hopkins Children Center Project

(Photo Credit John Dean)

Last fall/winter I was commissioned by Nancy Rosen Inc. to make work to be installed within 7 wall niches in the newly built Johns Hopkins Children's Center. The idea was to make a family of creatures that would be reading and interacting with real children's books. The children's books included in each diorama serve as some of the inspiration for other artworks on each floor and throughout the hospital, over 500 works in total!

I got to visit the Children's Center in many stages, the first few times I had to wear a hard hat and flattering neon vest as it was still under construction.  Then just a few weeks ago I got to attend a fancy pants luncheon and tour the finished building with my mom. It was so full of light and bright colors, giant sculptures, paintings, prints and photographs, a huge play room and a library. I just about cried. It hardly felt like a hospital at all. 

I know soon the rooms will all be filled with patients and their families, many going through unimaginable hard times...but i hope my stuffed creatures and the amazing collection of children's book inspired work serves as a comfort and an escape for them. I have a feeling they are going to have to clean the glass covering the diorama's quite often...due to lots of little hand and nose prints!

Click HERE to see more images of the works I created, and HERE to see them installed, to give you a sense of their placement within the building! 

AND click HERE to see more pictures 
of the amazing new building and artwork!


lamebaverde said...

love the monkeys!!
great job!

Jennifer said...

thank you!!