Tuesday, April 03, 2012

back in the studio...finally!

After a bit of a hiatus, today I'm finally back in the Cotton Monster studio today and excited to get back to work!! I spent the last month and a half teaching two youth puppet residencies. One was with an after-school group at Patterson Park Library. We created a puppet version of the west African Tale Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears performed without dialogue as part of a festival of visual theater. And the other was at Southwest Baltimore Charter School, where the students made puppet shows about Lewis and Clark's journey across the US!

I was also basically living at the puppet theater, helping Black Cherry finish up a new marrionette production. I sewed a bunch of tiny puppet clothes and made some pretty cool moving cardboard props (click the link to see a little teaser video!)

photo by Kathey Fahey

I also managed to get strep throat the week of all these performances, which was exhausting to say the least! I took the entire day off on Sunday, for some mental and physical recovery. I slept in, took a nice lazy walk with my buddies and visited the American Visionary Art Museum's "All Things Round" exhibit, which is always an inspiration. Monday I spent the day thrifting for monster skins, running some long overdue errands, and doing three loads of laundry. Now I've got this giant pile of clean & folded sweatshirts and polos begging to be cut up!

Just have to make a quick run to the post to rid myself of my 2011 taxes and ship a big monster commission to Dublin, Ireland (oh how I wish I could mail myself there too!) and then its finally time to get down to business!!

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