Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

Happy Halloween everybody! Hope you had a good weekend, whether it snowed or rained or sunshined on ya! Though I didn't dress up, I did a few halloweeny things, most included cooking/eating!

Friday I made this nut-stuffed squash recipe from Shutterbean (my most favorite food blog ever!) along with some lentil soup and salad with my old buddy farmer jen. We got to see our favorite musicians, Walker and Jay, play in an old-time murder ballad show at the Creative Alliance to get us in the Halloween spirit.

Saturday it was pouring rain, which is when I seem to be my most productive, I sewed in front of the space heater all day long, and in the evening played some halloween-themed scrabble while watching Willard with some of my favorite ladies!

Sunday was the first day in what seems like forever that I made a point to not do any work at all! How Glorious! Early am farmers market trip, then the mr. and I made our favorite mac & cheese & cauliflower recipe substituting purple cauliflower from the market, red onion, goat milk yogurt (instead of sour cream) and brown rice noodles. YUM! We ate it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner (with some salad of course), and there is just a teeny bit left! Went for a long chilly walk with another dear buddy and took some time to pack away my summer clothes, won't be needing shorts for while! Later on, Jay and I made another delicious Shutterbean recipe for hot toddies, which we drank while carving our pumpkins and roasting seeds!! Perfect!

Today I'll be helping kids at the rec center perform a spooky shadow puppet show, pics to come!

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