Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Patch love!

Many of you who have visited me at craft shows have seen my piles of colorful block printed patches, adorned with monster or kitty doodles. I carve them on soft rubbery blocks and print them with block printing ink on old sheets or fabric remnants and sell them with unfinished edges.

Some people see them and say, "what in the world would I do with this?" and I run through a list of ideas, my usual explanation being to use one to cover up a corporate logo on a freebee tote bag or baseball hat or jazz up an old book-bag or t-shirt...or just to sew it on anything! And some people who come to my table have that look in their eye like they know exactly where their new patches are going to go and spend a long time picking out just the right ones. I think Alyson fits in that second category!

I just came across Alyson's Blog, "The Hasty Quilter" and was pleased as punch to see what she had in the works with the patches she bought at last years Crafty Bastards! She is making Monster Baby Quilts for a couple of friends! Here is a photo of one in the works:

Quilt & Photo by Alyson Olander

If you have an interest in things sewn, definitely check out her blog! Its really quite lovely and her photos are simply gorgeous!

I love knowing that some of these little patches with my artwork on them have worked their way into other craft projects and are truly serving their function as an inspiration for folks to sew! If you've made or adorned/beautified something with your own Cotton Monster patch/es, I'd love to see!


Jessica said...

What a fantastic baby quilt that is going to make - love the images you've created in your patches... any chance of you selling them in your shop at any point?

scstrunge said...

What a great idea!! You better have lots of patches at Crafty Bastards. I see lots of Cottonmonster quilts popping up!

Domain said...
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Alyson said...

Thanks so much for your comments about my blog, Jennifer! I'm glad you liked what I did with your monsters - I'll let you know when I have pics of the quilts completed. Can't wait to pick up some more patches this year and make some monster quilts for some little girls that I know too. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks all! Jessica-I used to sell the patches in random sets of 5 in the online shop..and somehow just fell out of the habit! I should probably start doing that again!!