Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's new?

Greetings Blog buddies! Here's a little photo re-cap of what's new in my world...

Just received the summer issue of Niche, which includes a nice little blurb on Splashlife's "30 under 30 crafters" and me! Wahoo!

I've been working on restocking everything, slowly but surely...

Finishing up some over-due commissions...

Teaching summer camp arts & crafts. Pictured is my lovely co-worker Lisa in our paper-bag puppet making aftermath!

And of course, gardening and eating!! This is all freshly picked from my back yard..kale, tomatoes, cukes, and basil. yum!

All in all, a pretty nice summer so far! Now, back to sewing!

Friday, July 08, 2011

a little update...

I'm baaaaaack

photo by Ashley North Compton

Just made it back home after a long, lovely family vacation (still have the salt water in my hair to prove it!)...Bet you didn't even miss me! It was so nice to get away, unplug, and recharge after Pile of Craft. I must give a huge THANK YOU AGAIN to all who came out vend, shop and gaze at the magnificent craft spectacular! If you missed it, or if you want to relieve it all in the comfort of your air-conditioned office you can see a whole lot of lovely photos taken by miss Ashley North Compton on CCCM's Flickr page!

Right now I'm finishing up sifting through a sea of emails and photo editing some pics for a small Etsy update...I'll be putting some random monsters and kitties online shortly!

Then I can't wait to get back in my studio tomorrow (maybe after breaking down and putting in an AC unit, it pretty darn sticky in Baltimore!) to work on some commissions!

Hope you had a great 4th of July!