Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Bugs!

In honor of us approaching that time of year where we declare our love for all things pink and red (and for each other) I just put up a whole batch of new Little Buggers (and a few other species) in tones of red, white and pink (and blue! I'm a fan of Blue Valentines myself!) Nothing says lovin' like a gap-toothed grinning monster!

Also, to note, I'm trying out making the Little Monsters with pocket mouths (like the big guys). It takes a bit longer, and changes their expressio
n a bit...I'd love to know what you think! Open mouths or closed?!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just looked at the calendar and I realized I was a week and a half late in wishing you all a very Happy New Year. So.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The new year brought me a nasty cold (all gone now, thanks to high volumes of ginger-cayanne-lemon-honey tea and lots of rest in a super comfy bathrobe I received for Christmas) and a heap of backed up bookkeeping. But things are finally looking up. I attended the first in a four session class of Kitchen Medicine, taught at Baltimore Free School, that has got me all excited about making new medicinal elixirs, eating more colorful food and gearing up for a bigger herb garden this spring. I made (and ate) two pots of yummy comforting soup (lentil and split pea) and gave the sewing studio a looooong overdue tidying. AND finally I got some sewing done. Pictured is the start of a set of Little Buggers for Valentines day...hoping to get them up by next weekend or early next week!

Hope this new year brings good things your way!