Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Heap THIS SATURDAY!!!

In less then one week, it will be Holiday Heap time!! I'm still frantically sewing up new beasties hoping to have an overflowing table...waking up earlier and going to sleep later in order to get those last few eyeballs stuffed and sewn in place! You can check out nice little interviews with some the vendors on the CCCM blog HERE!

Remember to bring an extra dollar or two (or three...or ten) to buy some raffle tickets for the amazing basket of craft we'll be giving away to one lucky winner! ALL proceeds go directly to Heart's Place, the shelter run in the St. John's basement!

If you are not in Bmore, no worries, i'll be putting up all my stock that does not find homes at the Heap ASAP after the show! So keep a look out Dec. 6th on the Etsy shop!

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