Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heidi Kenny at Atomic Books!

I just found out that Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane will be coming to Atomic Books here in Baltimore this Friday (Oct. 15 from 7-9) to discuss her work and process and to also sign copies of her new book, Every Day's A Holiday! If you're familiar with her blog then you know what a completely awesome crafter, artist, and mom Heidi is! Her prolific work and positive attitude have been an inspiration since I discovered her way back when...as I was starting up the Cotton Monster biz! Sometimes I'm left boggled by how in the world she had time to bake that gorgeous cake, make cute healthy lunches for the kids, go thrift shopping, sew a ton of donuts and make new designs for fabric (not to mention photographing all of it and then getting it up on the blog)! And occasionally when I find myself with a few kids to entertain or a massive stack of work before me, I think to myself...what would Heidi do? Ha!

I'm pleased as punch to get a copy of her book to share with the little ones in my life and get it signed by this lovely lady (who also has this magical power of bringing cupcakes with her wherever she goes!)

Every Day's A Holiday

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