Friday, October 01, 2010

DC here we come!

The car is all packed up with tent, tables, chairs, new display pieces and of course, MONSTERS (and the new cats pictured above)! The studio feels mighty empty without any monsters in it (well, hardly any). Apologies on the very slim stock in the Etsy shop, as mostly everything is coming with me tomorrow. Please check back on Monday, as I plan to put up all that is left from the show up online ASAP afterward!

However, if you are in or near DC, then you have no excuse not to come out and say hi to the Cotton Monsters in person at CRAFTY BASTARDS!! Saturday October 2nd 10-5pm. We'll be in booth #69, look at a vendor map if you can't find us!


rachel said...

I'm going to DIE over the little cats. TOO FREAKING CUTE.

Jennifer said...

No dying necessary. I want to make MILLIONS of them (or atleast 20!)