Tuesday, October 26, 2010

monster head gear

Made this head (and a few other goodies) for an upcoming show in December at Gallery Hanahou, "Loveable, Hugable & Wearable!" Wish I had time to make more! I'm feeling quite swamped lately, and time is just whizzing by! I haven't even gotten a pumpkin yet! Back to work for now. Hope I have more goods to show you soon!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heidi Kenny at Atomic Books!

I just found out that Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane will be coming to Atomic Books here in Baltimore this Friday (Oct. 15 from 7-9) to discuss her work and process and to also sign copies of her new book, Every Day's A Holiday! If you're familiar with her blog then you know what a completely awesome crafter, artist, and mom Heidi is! Her prolific work and positive attitude have been an inspiration since I discovered her way back when...as I was starting up the Cotton Monster biz! Sometimes I'm left boggled by how in the world she had time to bake that gorgeous cake, make cute healthy lunches for the kids, go thrift shopping, sew a ton of donuts and make new designs for fabric (not to mention photographing all of it and then getting it up on the blog)! And occasionally when I find myself with a few kids to entertain or a massive stack of work before me, I think to myself...what would Heidi do? Ha!

I'm pleased as punch to get a copy of her book to share with the little ones in my life and get it signed by this lovely lady (who also has this magical power of bringing cupcakes with her wherever she goes!)

Every Day's A Holiday

Friday, October 08, 2010

Halloween Show in Chicago!

Stop in and say hello to my newest creation Mondonoctipus at Renegade Handmade's Halloween Show, in their Spotlight Gallery Oct.9th-31st!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Shop is stocked!

Tons of new Monsters and Big Von Katz (only one kitten, sorry...more are in the works!) are now up in the shop! And they've taken up reading (and eating) books! Who knew?!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Plush You! opening Friday

If you live in Seattle, then you probably already know the goodness that is Schmancy and the annual Plush You! show put on by the fabulous Kristen...If not, shame on you! Get your fine self there this Friday Oct. 8th from 5-9pm for the opening of Plush You! and say hi to my two pieces (pic below) and all the other amazing work! I just posted some more images of the Golgapus creatures here!

Sunday, October 03, 2010


I'd like to send a big ol' squishy THANK YOU to the entire Crafty Bastards crew and Washington CityPaper for making this event the most amazing craft show ever! There were dollies waiting for us to load in our wares, volunteers who helped us carry our 100 lbs of cat litter (for tent weights), a very friendly CB member that took hold of my cell phone and talked my vendor friend through the extremely confusing streets of DC when she got lost along the way, free lunch and water, and other treats. The whole show was so amazingly well organized and full of good vibes, that the only stressful part of our day was finding our way there (googlemap directions never again! Its time to invest in some REAL fold up paper maps)!

AND of course, the show would be nothing without those Trillion-BAZILLION customers coming from MD, VA, and DC, shelling out dough to support local/independent businesses! You are the BEST!! Thanks to everyone who came out and visited our booth, my cheeks still hurt from smiling at all the nice comments! We saw tons of super fashionable kids and mamas (and other folks) many of whom walked away with a little stuffed creature or two. And I heard the comment "I'm totally going to buy some of these when I have kids/know someone having kids" so many times I lost count. Who needs kids, I'd reply, get one for yourself!

Oh, thanks also to Jay for making me all those new display pieces that magically fold up and fit in the car! We got many compliments on the new shelf. Thank you's all around to everyone else I missed! (see more pictures here)

If you were not at CB and are in the market for a monster, get ready, 'cause I was so well stocked for the show that I have many MANY monsters to add to the Etsy shop over the next couple of days!


Friday, October 01, 2010

DC here we come!

The car is all packed up with tent, tables, chairs, new display pieces and of course, MONSTERS (and the new cats pictured above)! The studio feels mighty empty without any monsters in it (well, hardly any). Apologies on the very slim stock in the Etsy shop, as mostly everything is coming with me tomorrow. Please check back on Monday, as I plan to put up all that is left from the show up online ASAP afterward!

However, if you are in or near DC, then you have no excuse not to come out and say hi to the Cotton Monsters in person at CRAFTY BASTARDS!! Saturday October 2nd 10-5pm. We'll be in booth #69, look at a vendor map if you can't find us!