Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plush You LA!

I sent two wee little monsters to this year's Plush You show in LA and forgot to tell you all about it! One of them pictured above, a new little alien dude...the other a grey Squirmy which was the proto-type for the Sea Squirmy schmancy exclusive! If you are interested in seeing a video made at the opening reception check it out HERE! The show is up for viewing (and buying) at Munky King, in LA until Sept. 19th, so if you are in those parts then stop on by...it looks like a great collection!


Collin said...

Now this guy is cute! I am loving my new addiction to Cotton Monsters... I am linking this on my blog for sure!

Jim Fuller said...

I really like the alien dude. Love to get one of those!