Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And they're up!

A limited edition of 10 Sea Squirmies, now up for sale at Schmancy!


juls4real said...

Found your blog through craft mafia. You are very talented. I carry socks around thinking I can do something with them. Well, now, don't you give a girl something to think about! Love it.

Cynthia Wylie said...

Hey there. Trying to contact you (there doesn't appear to be any contact link on your website unless I missed it fyi). I am looking for an artist to do 8 customer plush dolls for me. I love your style. I have pics I can send you. They will be about 5 - 8 inches tall. Can you let me know if you would do something like that? And if so, how much you would charge? My email is: Thanks so much.