Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farm life

Jay and I spent the weekend with our old pal Jen on the farm where she works in PA. It was a really magical place...these goats don't even look real to me! We picked strawberries (I was pleased to find they make the cutest popping sound when plucked), talked to a donkey, drew pictures of each other, stuck our feet in a chilly stream and were followed around by a very cute kitty named chard. I forget sometimes how amazing the country is, what it feels like to not walk on concrete for a whole days at a time and the way light changes when walking through a thick forest. I think my next home may have a goat or two...more pictures here!

I worked a few days this week doing a puppet residency, spent all day yesterday on a commission (pics to come) and now its time to buckle down and get a ton of monsters made! But first....must clean the studio the VERY messy studio!


TheLadyWhoLunches said...

Wow. Those goats are truly gorgeous. There is something magical about the countryside, isn't there?
Can't wait to see you!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Ahhh the messy studio....mine is horrible right now too but I am in the throws of preparations so I can't stop to clean it quite yet...I always say a messy studio is the sign of a very productive artist:D

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies!
Mandy--my studio is still never-ending fabric heaps!! Even when clean it is chaotic!
Meg-So excited for your return, bet your family is super-dooper siked!

Anonymous said...

Okay...I lied, there *is* a price for the materials I sent and yours have to come to our place and play with baby goats and have fresh mushrooms from the woods! (non-toxic, of course!)

Psshhhh...if you figure out the messy studio thing, please let me know.

Jennifer said...

BABY GOATS!!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Baby goats are simply the most cute things ever created on the planet. Seriously. They're borderline evil, they're so cute.