Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'll be posting this rainbow gang of little monsters in the Etsy Shop tomorrow! Thought I'd have time today, but after some finishing stitches, photographing, and editing, I've run out of time for uploading! Now I'm off to Job #2 to do some arts and crafts with kiddos then to Job #3 to scoop some corn for movie-goers...then, if I can keep the momentum going, maayyyybe some dancing!

I'll post more little monster pics tomorrow (and will AIM to have them up in the shop by noonish)!


TheLadyWhoLunches said...

You are a busy lady! Love it. Was on your etsy shop today. Want to send one to my nephew for his birthday, but that's not until November. Just thinking ahead!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Meagan!