Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snowed in for good!

The snow is still here! I took a few more pictures yesterday of our outdoor adventures (we didn't make it too far). Most of the storm I've spent inside by the fire, sewing on some monsters and cats, knitting, making Valentines for a few of my girlies, eating yummy snacks and of course watching a ton of movies. Who knew a movie about a little talking pig could be so heart-wrenching!? Ha!

Though I love being stranded, I've decided it may be time to dig a path out of the house and MAYBE start shoveling out the car....though our hill is not yet passable. Crossing my fingers school is closed all week so I can stay put right here and keep sewing!

Also, all the orders placed by Friday went out before the storm hit and hopefully are speeding their way to you! Here is a picture of the poltergeisted stack of packages on their way out to the post!


Pang said...

I love it that you draw on your packages. I had a hard time getting rid of the box that my bottom feeder came in cause the doodle was so cute!

Ellen Ault said...

You draw on the boxes! I love it! What a genius idea. said...

You are so COOL! :D I try to draw on my boxes, but it always ends up looking a bit too silly! (that is when I actually SELL something, lol! love your little monsters!


Jessie Marie said...

Good work on the box drawrings! Me gusta.