Friday, August 07, 2009

long delay!

Ah, long delay indeed. Summer Camp has left me needing a nap most days before getting in a couple hours sewing, then gyming it, dinner and collapsing. Not much time for posting or accomplishing much of anything! But today was the last day of camp! Just one more day of work on some big monsters and a lot of photo editing and I'll be ready to fill the Etsy Shop w/ a whole new batch of beasties (and maybe a few older ones will go on sale!)

The shop is emptied right now, aside from a watchful eye or two, but soon there will be more watchful eyes, jellies, little guys, a few pents, bottomfeeders and big monsters too!

Aiming for getting the update done early next week! More info soon. Here are few sneak peaks of what's coming!

1 comment:

Stephanie Treinen said...

Jennifer, i love your monsters!!! i especially love the head dress like pieces you have on your website, those are awesome!