Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Miss Carly

If you don't know her already, meet Miss Carly Goss, weaver of fine cloths, singer of ancient tunes, hoola-hoop maiden, and now teacher of the next generation...Carly of "Carlybird Weaves" started assisting summer camp classes with me this week at the Rec. Center (pictured here in the apron I forced her to wear to protect her pretty clothes...painting an oh so patriotic masterpiece) and I couldn't be happier!

Just last week Carly was a featured artisan on a great website HANDMADENEWS.ORG click here to read the article and check out the site! We've know each other since college days and are now fellow craft mafiosos and co-workers, and can't help but tooting each other's horns every once in a while! If you are not familiar with Carly's work, you should also check out her website and shop! She weaves the most beautiful fabrics from string and looms-the old fashion way-and makes many into contemporary pieces of what I call fiber jewerly; cuffs and scarfs/scarfletts. They are just lovely, and I happen to be the proud owner of one!

If I ever open up a Cotton Monster studio/sweatshop, I would want to have Carly there with a giant 16 shaft loom, shuttling back and forth right along side my sewing machine! Workhorses unite!

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Jackie said...

Incredible Work!!