Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hamilton Street Fair This SATURDAY!

Saturday July 25th 12noon-8pm
in Hamilton/Lauraville On Harford Road/Gibbons Ave.

I'll be joing the Charm City Craft Mafia at this years Hamilton Street Fair, selling some Watchful Eyes and Little Monster varieties!

Spaghetti Kiss, Pinkkiss Pottery, Carlybird Weaves, Kiss My Crafts, Bake Sale Designs, HMV Designs, Illegible Ink, & Cotton Monster will be there to represent the CCCM crew, along w/ many more of your favorite Baltiomore Crafters!! Come out and enjoy the sights and sounds; local venodrs, a car show, a fruit market, yummy food & drinks and tons of live music!

For a list of bands that will be playing throughout the day and for more info, click HERE.

Artscape '09

The inflatable green sea beast made its second artscape appearance, this time atop an info booth!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Artscape weekend..and back to work!

I took a few shots of work happening in my studio early this week for the sole purpose of proving to YOU that although there hasn't been an update in a while and I've been a bit silent on the blog as of late, I am in fact making some monster/eyeball progress!! Coming back from San Fran and diving right into teaching summer camp (mixed with mini-vacations to the farm and beach, an adorable nephew, a few other projects and my general summer "i want to be a kid" lament) has left me without many good solid sewing hours. But I've been buckling down!!

NEWS TO NOTE: I'll be sharing some space vending with the Charm City Craft Mafia at next Saturday's Hamilton Festival (July 25th) for the locals, and after that will be doing a big ol' online monster update, either late July or early August! Promise! More deets to come!

ALSO, if you are in Baltimore for this weekend's Artscape, keep your eye out for a GINORMOUS green sea monster atop of the information booth (at the top of the hill above the main stage). This inflatable monster was made for Artscape two years ago, but i was asked to reinstall it again! Pictures to come...

Thanks for not giving up on me, even though I'm a slow-poke!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FREE Screening Tonight of Handmade Nation!

DIY @ Artscape kicks off tonight w/ a free screening of Handmade Nation
at U of B Performing Arts Building! Come out and get inspired!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Miss Carly

If you don't know her already, meet Miss Carly Goss, weaver of fine cloths, singer of ancient tunes, hoola-hoop maiden, and now teacher of the next generation...Carly of "Carlybird Weaves" started assisting summer camp classes with me this week at the Rec. Center (pictured here in the apron I forced her to wear to protect her pretty clothes...painting an oh so patriotic masterpiece) and I couldn't be happier!

Just last week Carly was a featured artisan on a great website HANDMADENEWS.ORG click here to read the article and check out the site! We've know each other since college days and are now fellow craft mafiosos and co-workers, and can't help but tooting each other's horns every once in a while! If you are not familiar with Carly's work, you should also check out her website and shop! She weaves the most beautiful fabrics from string and looms-the old fashion way-and makes many into contemporary pieces of what I call fiber jewerly; cuffs and scarfs/scarfletts. They are just lovely, and I happen to be the proud owner of one!

If I ever open up a Cotton Monster studio/sweatshop, I would want to have Carly there with a giant 16 shaft loom, shuttling back and forth right along side my sewing machine! Workhorses unite!