Sunday, March 08, 2009

Birthday Thanks!

Well today was my birthday, and though it was an hour shorter, due to daylights savings, it managed to seem extra long, as I celebrated all weekend! The weather was amazingly beautiful, in the 60s and 70s! Friday I went for a long evening stroll and an amazing healthy dinner of french fries and beer at the One World Cafe with two of my buds, then Saturday, a hike in the woods and stop at the conservatory to oggle at the giant aloe plants and dream of California...a nice nap, then dinner at my favorite vegetarian restaurant Liquid Earth, THEN went to see a play written, performed and produced by some of my favorite Baltimore folks...THEN Duckpin Bowling with my dear friends! Then today, another long walk to Charles Village and a drive uptown to eat pizza and the best hot milk cake ever with my familia! Amazing!

Now I'm sitting down writing a post on my new laptop courtesy of Jay! What an amazing birthday weekend! Home-made presents all around, granola, a bracelet, and this adorable apron made by my mama! I love 'em all! Thanks everyone for making me feel so loved!

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valerie said...

happy birthday jennifer!
sounds like a totally amazing weekend and what an apron! awesome.