Thursday, February 19, 2009

Livin' Southern

Hey all, sorry for the long pause...things here have been slowly getting back to normal after this weekend's Maestro Sensational puppet show at Black Cherry! For those of you who aren't familiar with the Maestro, here's a little background: a group of friends and I conceived of this giant sized sock puppet and his chorus of little sock puppet friends who act as the MC's for a night of performances by various artists, puppeteers and musicians. This weekend's show was Valentine's themed, and since its an evening event for grown-ups, things got pretty raunchy! In this photo the Maestro doesn't look too sock-like, but when he's standing up straight, with those two blue gym sock stripes, I swear its a bit more convincing! Making a giant sock (a pretty formless tube) was not an easy task, but i did my best! The show went super, tons of belly laughs from the audience. The City Paper wrote us in their weekly pics and we ended up performing two sold out shows! Thanks Baltimore for being so darn cool.
Now for some monster news, an article about the Charm City Craft Mafia was just published in the March issue of Southern Living magazine. And though I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet, I hear there's a picture of me in there with a Cotton Monster! The article info and pictures were taken well over a year ago, so I'm not even sure what the content will be, but exciting nonetheless! Pick one up and browse through at your local magazine stand!
Working hard on Cotton Monster production...more for sale soon!


Tasha McKelvey said...

Congrats on the Southern Living article. I saw it yesterday while flipping through a copy at a friend's house :)

juliet said...

My neightbor put a photocopy in my door. Looks great!