Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks a heapers

(Self Portrait: Me turning into a Cotton Monster!!)

Thanks to all who came out for the Holiday Heap show last Saturday...If you missed it, don't fret, Squidfire is hosting a show Sunday December 7th at the Lyric Opera House, where I will be with a table full of Cotton Monsters! And to those of you not in Baltimore, don't fret, I'll be doing another Etsy update before the holidays!

Can you spot the Cotton Monsters?
(Photo Credit to arwen o'reilly griffith see more on her FLICKR )

ALSO, I just found that the work from the S.F. Plush You show is now up for sale on the web, and currently the two little Cotton Monsters I sent are still available! Please purchase here: if you want them! OR read about the event on the CRAFT magazine Blog !!

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laura said...

I loved Heap and my new fire engine red pentapod - definitely worth the drive from DC.