Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update SOOOON!

Hey all of you who've been waiting and wondering when I was going to update my shop again....the answer is sooooon!! Hopefully Monday or Tuesday of this week! I have the etsy shop all loaded up, and am waiting for some kinks to be worked out with the new server that is hosting my site (so that all links and the newsletter are working correctly) before I make them live.
Also, I just got around to putting up some old photos on my Flickr site...nothing too exciting.
On Schmancytoys photostream there are pictures of the recent Plush You! show (for those of you who don't live in Seattle!)


teneisha said...

I saw your work in person at the plushyou show in Seattle and i just wanted to say that your work is phenomenal. I am completely envious of your sewing skills. I swear i couldnt see one stitch on that monster!

Any way, just wanted to bow down for a minute. You have inspired me to make better Plush.


Jennifer said...

Oh fantastic!!
There are'll see 'em close up!

I'm so glad you saw the show, wish I could have been there!!