Friday, August 01, 2008

Shop Sellout

Thanks to everyone that ordered/tried to order/or glanced at a Cotton Monster during this week's update! Glad to see the new tote bags went over well! Rachel of the fabulous Red Prairie Press will be printing up more sometime in the near future. And when they're ready, I'll put them up in the Etsy Shop!
Also I got a whole lot of emails from folks in the UK and Canada who are feeling left out of all the Cotton Monster shopping excitement (not to mention India and Japan), so I'm going to try to look into shipping options for you all soon! Its just really expensive to get them overseas and pretty darn confusing on my end.
Anyway, I totally forgot to do a blog post before the store was updated. I got a bit overwhelmed with the newsletter, and it completely slipped my mind. Soon I'll have a whole month or two to work on nothing but monsters, so I'm going to aim for bigger updates, more often if I can swing them. I'll let you know! If you want to see what sold this week, go to and click on the items sold link!


Juliet said...

That is amazing! That must be so frustrating and exciting at the same time. Back to work!

frazzy dazzles said...

Can you add Australia to the list of possible destinations for monsterlings? Puuuurlease? Jen

Scary Mommy said...

Oh my god- these are adorable. I want to open a store, just so I can sell them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly i couldn't buy a monster. In Portugal were 1h a.m. and with two small childreen it was to difficult to stay awake...



Jezabeth said...

i frikin love these things. There so cute. The moment i saw them i wanted one. If i could i would buy every single one that you have ever
made. but i cant *sad day*. i just wanted to know when you would be making more. these are to die for cute.