Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks for coming out!

Hey there! Thanks to all who came out for the 2nd Annual Pile of Craft show today in Baltimore! We had amazing vendors, customers, and volunteers! I got to meet lots of super nice Cotton Monster fans, including two awesome kids that came with their old Cotton Monsters in tow and asked to have their picture taken with me and their monster collection! ADORABLE! I felt like a rock star. It always seems worth doing shows just to be able to watch people's expressions as they approach a table full of monsters...especially when the grown ups turn into squealing little kids..thats the best!

I just managed to delete all of the beautiful pictures I took of everyone...all except for this one!
A note to the rest of you....when I get this camera malfunction figured out I'll be doing an ETSY shop update of the rest of my Cotton Monster stock!


Sweet Pepita said...

Pepita LOVES her new Cotton Monster! When we got home yesterday, she climbed up onto the couch with Him (his name is Him) and looked at him as she held him in her lap and said," Hi Heeee-um." Sometimes I wish I always had a camera in my pocket!

Anyway, thanks so much! Him is awesome.

Jennifer said...


I'm so glad "Him" is at home with the Pepita Familia!

Hope all the cotton monsters found such loving homes Saturday!

Lovely to get to talk to you finally!