Sunday, June 29, 2008

Artscape Sneak Peak

So, I've been putting my little monsters on hold this past week to put in some long hard hours on a monster of a monster project for this year's Artscape. I don't want to show all of it yet, and there is still lots to be done...but here's an image of how the beast started (with a pretty shotty armature) and an image of the head finally coming together as I left it this evening! I was planning on doing an update before June ended, but alas....not happening. Im skipping for a small vacation this week and just wouldn't have time to get everything packed and shipped before it will have to happen in July. Lots more to be done on the "Belly of the Beast" project (its huge)!! More pictures to come!!


Judi said...

oh my goodness! What a great start to your project. I can't wait to see the rest of it.

Juliet said...

Ohh! Can we deposit materials for you to use on new monsters??

Stef said...

Awesome! I am doing Artscape too and I can't wait to see this bad boy....and buy a monster! ;-)