Monday, April 07, 2008

Young Crafters/Zinesters Show and Tell next week

Did you know that Baltimore County Public Library has a Zine collection?? I didn't! But now that I am a better informed citizen, I now know all about it (well, maybe just a little) and am excited to be part of an event to bring awareness to this collection as part of the "Young Crafters/Zinesters Show and Tell + Zine and Craft Swap " (phew) happening next Thursday, April 17th at the Cockeysville branch of the BCPL!! Here's the info:

Join us at 6:00 to browse the zine collection and swap your zines and crafts. At 7:00 hear Kevin Sherry (Squidfire, I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, CATATAC zine), Jennifer Strunge (that's me) (Cottonmonster, Charm City Craft Mafia), Ryan Cecil Smith (Closed Caption Comics) and Andrew Neyer(Closed Caption Comics) talk about their art and the zine and craft community in Baltimore.

The speakers will have wares for sale.** If you want to swap zines, mini-comics, crafts or information bring 'em on. But unless you are Kevin, Ryan, Jennifer or Andrew, no cash exchanges this evening - only trading.

**That said, I will only have a couple real live cotton monsters in tow, so don't get too excited....DO, however, come out and meet some cool Baltimore folks, trade info or stuff and browse the Zines!!

Visit the BCPL Zine Blog HERE!! For directions, event info and soooo much more!


valerie said...

oh baltimore! if any city is going to have zines in the public library, it would have to be baltimore--the city that reads! (that never quite stuck, did it?)
have sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

Thanks! Whenever I start to get down on Baltimore, something awesome happens...!

Anonymous said...

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