Friday, November 23, 2007


Though I like to keep this "blog" more about the Cotton Monsters than about little old me....My friend Rachel from the ever popular Red Prairie Press has "tagged" me, which in turn means I must share with you five random things about myself (that you may not already know). Here it goes:
1. I used to have dreadlocks...its true..they may still be in a bag around here somewhere
2. I can eat my weight in pasta (this may have something to do with being half italian)
3. I have two cats that I love like babies, dinah and fleur, (hence they are on the chub-chub side)
4. If an entire day of listening to NPR is getting me down, I flip on the boob tube to watch the best soap ever, General Hospital. Poor beautiful Emily Quarterman just died at the hands of a psycho, and so what if I stopped stuffing eyeballs for a moment to weep (just a little.) She'll probably be back as a ghost or a twin eventually.
5. I have a serious problem putting clothes inside of drawers...sorry jay

there you go, now you know....thanks to rachel.

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