Saturday, May 27, 2006

Monster Madness

So, why have there been no store or journal updates in so long...because i've been a loonatic making monsters!! Im gearing up for my first out of state craft show ART STAR CRAFT BAZAAR in philly this weekend! So here's a picure of some of the beasts I've made to sell there, and a picture of my tiny studio where i have been spending most hours of my days....visit
for more info on the festival. I promise to update the online store as soon as humanly possible (aiming for 2nd week of june)!


Audrey said...

I want them ALL. Good luck with the festival!

heidi kenney said...

Hey! It was really nice to meet you at ArtStar, I am still regretting not getting the two headed monster I wanted for myself, but my boys love theirs :)