Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May monster madness

Holy Moly.
I just put up an entire new page of monsters yesterday, and already most of them are sold! Horray for monster lovers. Thanks so much for ordering. I'll try and have a new batch up in the next couple of weeks incase anyone missed out. But there are still a few cool beasts left in the store, do check them out before they're gone. Also, if you want to be one of the first alerted to my website updates, be sure to sign up for the newsletter!


valerie said...

hee! i love this photo!
i was in hampden last saturday and saw one of the monsters on the cover of a local paper on the coffee table in double dutch...it was most exciting!

jennifer said...

SUPER! So glad you saw it. Its pretty cool to see a stack of papers with a monster head on the cover! I just went to the fabulous new 'double dutch' (on falls road right near 36th street in hampden) and saw your clothes in person for the first time...stupendous!

patricia said...

lucky you guys -- was in balti last week and looked for the urbanite (got it!) after seeing your post about it here -- never made it to hampden & double dutch tho -- my sis-in-law said i'd love hampden -- gotta get there next time -- i am smitten with baltimore at the minute...and your hurley monster was a fave of us hurley girls!