Monday, March 06, 2006

Freckle Monsters

A new breed of baby monsters were posted today at the
wonderful vintage clothing/handmade good
website of another jenny:

So check them out! ASAP!
(things seem to go quick in her stores!)

Plus three new monsters were just added into the Cotton Monster Store (see picture below) !!


Anonymous said...

where are the baby ones?!?!?
cant find them on freckle either!

Jennifer said...

There are no babies on my site. On freckle wonder under the heading of "Handmade" you'll find the baby monsters. There are only two left!

team make-out goods said...

Hi Jennifer - I bought one of your monsters from Frecklewonder (baby LULU) they are so darn cute! LOVE THEM!

jessie heyano said...

I love freackle the monster